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Dr. PremKumar, a renowned Diabetic Foot Specialist in Chennai, is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for individuals suffering from a wide range of foot conditions. With his exceptional skills, compassionate approach, and commitment to patient care, Dr. PremKumar stands as a trusted Diabetic Foot Specialist in Chennai, delivering personalized treatments for a wide spectrum of foot conditions

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    Podiatry Care & Amputation Prevention

    Foot Treatments

    Pioneer in Foot Care

    Chennai Diabetic Foot Care Centre is a leading Foot Clinic specializing in the treatment of Diabetic Foot problems, including Ingrown Toenails and Advanced Diabetic Foot Surgery. This center is recognized as a Pioneer in Foot Care, offering comprehensive solutions for those managing Diabetes-related Foot conditions.


    Why Should People Choose Chennai Diabetic Foot Care Centre?

    By choosing Chennai Diabetic Foot Care Centre, individuals can benefit from specialized expertise, comprehensive care, a patient-centered approach, advanced treatments, and a focus on holistic foot health

    Expertise in Diabetic Footcare

    Providing comprehensive care for individuals with diabetes-related foot complications.

    Comprehensive Care for Various Foot Conditions

    Offers comprehensive care for a diverse range of foot conditions.

    Skilled and Experienced Podiatrists

    Highly skilled and experienced podiatrists, led by Dr. Prem Kumar, a renowned Diabetic Foot Specialist.

    Patient-Centered Approach

    Prioritizes patient centered care, focusing on individual needs, concerns, and preferences.

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    Holistic Approach to Foot Health

    The clinic emphasizes a holistic approach to foot health, recognizing the interconnectedness between foot problems and overall well-being. Along with providing treatment, Chennai Diabetic Foot Care Centre focuses on patient education, preventive care, and lifestyle modifications to promote long-term foot health and prevent future complications.

    Amputation prevention
    Skin grafting
    Cellulitis Leg
    Foot Ulcers

    Toe deformities

    Dr. PremKumar

    About Dr. PremKumar

    Dr. Prem Kumar is one of the best podiatrists in Chennai. With a specialized degree in this field and a fellowship in Podiatric Surgery, he is one of the most sort-after podiatrists in the Chennai region. As a podiatrist, Dr. Prem diagnoses and treats common foot and ankle ailments such as bunions, corns, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis. He also provides effective medical care and treatment to patients suffering from severe cases such as fractures, arthritis, and nerve damage.

    Podiatry is the medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower leg disorders. Podiatric doctors, also known as podiatrists, are medical professionals who specialize in providing comprehensive medical and surgical care for a variety of foot and ankle conditions.

    Diabetic foot care solutions in Chennai

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    I have been referred by one of my friend in Qatar Mr Balaji, who has strongly recommended Dr Prem Kumar, Apollo Greams Road Chennai. He and his team was so experienced and flexible with the patients and their attenders. My mom had a podiatrist & Gangrene. The wound was properly analyzed by Dr PremKumar and well explained to patient & attender (myself). Then based on their suggestions we did the surgery and main thing even after surgery, dressing has to be done with him. We from Tanjore use to travel twice a day to Chennai only for continuous follow up. Patient can stay nearer but we preferred to travel that too with proper doctor advise. Overall we are satisfy with their team, my sincere thanks to Dr Premkumar and his colleague Dr Priya and the whole team who had taken care on my mother injury.
    Mahadevan Durairaj
    Thank you very much for his treatment for my Foot Viral Plantar Wart Virus. I was suffered nearly two months. On the first day of my doctor visit itself I was wondered the way of doctor giving respect and kind words to patient and he explain the infection very clearly and how he is going to start the treatment and how long it will take to cure. By his experience and knowledge he told it will take less than one month to cure. Day one itself he cut small piece of skin from my feet for biopsy test and he diagnosis it's Viral Plantar Wart. Biopsy report also confirmed it's Plantar Wart virus. Mostly it will cure on first dose itself if needed second dose will apply after 3rd week from first dose taken. Now I am completely alright with my first dose of belomycin injection. Thanks you so much for you wonderful treatment sir. For his knowledge and experience on podiatrist, i will strongly recommend Dr. premkumar.
    Jebin Roy​

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